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ESIC compliances for newly incorporated companies

ESIC compliances for newly incorporated companies Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) earlier this year launched Spice+ service for incorporation of companies through integrated web form which provides 10 services like registration under ESIC, PF, GSTN, Profession tax etc. I.e. Companies registered through spice+ form are compulsorily registered under these acts as well irrespective of strength of employees. Earlier Ministry of Labour & Employment had issued press release to the effect that new companies will have to comply with the provisions of EPF & MP Act, 1952, and ESI Act, 1948 when they cross the threshold limit of employment under the respective Acts. ( PIB dated 06 MAR 2020, No: 1605558). In simple words registration is compulsory for new companies under various labour laws but compliances are applicable only upon crossing of applicable threshold limits under respective acts. However, ESIC letter No. P-11/14/19/Misc/02/2022-Rev.II dated 21/11/2022  instructed that, new