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Last date for submission of IGNOU assignments extended for June 2024

Last date for submission of assignments extended for June 2024 Dear CA Students ( who are pursuing BCOM/MCOM from IGNOU) kindly take note of following date extension:  Attention IGNOU students enrolled in ODL and online programs (GOAL & EVBB) for the June 2024 Term End Exams (TEE)! The University (IGNOU) has extended the last date for submitting assignments. This is good news for students who need more time to complete their assignments. Th e new deadline is April 30, 2024, giving you an extra window to finalize your work. Kindly take benefit of the extension and submit your assignments if not submitted earlier.  Imp: Last date to Apply Online for TEE June-2024 is 22-Apr-2024 06:00 PM without Late fee.

A CA's Checklist for Issuing Certificates and Signing Documents

Before You Sign Off: A CA's Checklist for Issuing Certificates and Signing Documents Heads up, fellow Chartered Accountants!  We've all seen the social media buzz lately – CAs facing disciplinary action for issuing certificates addressed to "To Whom It May Concern."  But wait, there's more! Regulators are cracking down on CAs who don't follow the proper guidelines. Don't let this be you!   Keep your practice safe and secure by following these essential tips: As a Chartered Accountant (CA), you're entrusted with the responsibility of issuing certificates and signing documents that hold significant weight. To ensure your work maintains the highest standards of accuracy and integrity, following a checklist before signing off is crucial. Here's what you need to remember: 1. Appointment Letter: Make sure you have a formal appointment letter from the client, clearly outlining the specific task you're taking on. This serves as a crucial reference poin

Minimum wages in Maharashtra effective from Jan-2024

Maharashtra minimum wages January 2024 The Minimum Wages Act is applicable to any establishments / industries / factories / employment either registered under the shops & establishment Act or the Factories Act,  irrespective to the strength of employment . That is even if anybody  employs an one employee he has to pay Minimum Wage .  The term Minimum Wage includes the Basic Wage plus Special allowance, as prescribed & published by Labour department, time to time for a given schedule of employment. Brief summary of the Minimum Wages Act in Maharashtra for easy understanding: Maharashtra minimum wages are set by the state government and can vary depending on the type of work and the skill level required. The minimum wages in Maharashtra are reviewed and revised periodically by the state government. The wages are determined by the labor department and relevant authorities. Employers in Maharashtra are legally required to pay their employees at least the state-mandated minimum wage

Proposal for Tax Return Filing & Tax Audit Services

Format of proposal for Tax Return Filing & Tax audit service The Importance of the proposal:  Your proposal is like a handshake – it's the beginning of a relationship. The first draft sets the tone. Make it clear, concise, and compelling. This document is your chance to shine and showcase the value you bring to the table. The Basics of Drafting: Keep It Simple Introduction: Start with a friendly hello. Briefly introduce your company and why you're the tax superhero they need. Scope of Services: Clearly outline what you can do. From individual tax returns to business audits, spell out the services you offer. Fees: Break down the costs – simple and transparent. Let them know what to expect without any hidden surprises. Why You?: Explain why your team is the best for the job. Highlight experience, knowledge, and a commitment to hassle-free tax solutions. From Proposal to Engagement Letter: Once your proposal gets a nod of approval, it's time for the engagement letter. T