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State-wise e-way bill limit under GST

State-wise e-way bill limit under GST GST was introduced with the tag line "one nation one tax". However, needless to say how correct is the statement is. Even in respect of intra-state e-waybill generation every states/union territories has different criterial. Certain states notified goods for which e-way bill required or not required. Certain states limit threshold value for e-waybill. Some states put condition of distance for e-way bill generation. However for inter-state movement of goods uniform threshold applies i.e. 50,000/- Here is the summarized state-wise list of intra state E-way bill threshold limit  : Sr no State Intra-state Limit (Rs) Inter-state Limit(Rs) 1 Bihar Rs. 1,00,000  Rs. 50,000 2 Punjab Rs. 1,00,000  Rs. 50,000 3 Jharkhand Rs. 1,00,000  Rs. 50,000 4 West Bengal