Letter of Authority for Tax Practitioners (Income tax)

Letter of Authority for Tax Practitioners (Income tax)


I/We ________________ Proprietor/Partner/Director of_______________________ hereby authorize Mr/Mrs/ CA __________________________[  to appear, represent and settle on my/our behalf the Income tax assessment proceeding/s before the Income tax officer / Assistant/Dy. / Commissioner of Income tax or in appeal before the Appellate Assistant Commissioner of Income  Tax, Commissioner of Income tax (Appeal) or the Appellate tribunal or the Board of Direct taxes for the assessment year 20XX-XX and  

[to produce accounts and documents / statements and to receive on my/our behalf any notice or documents / statements issued in connection with the said proceedings] or/and

[to apply for, obtain and receive refund order in respect of the said assessment (if any) and] or/and

[ to apply for copies of the Income tax assessment order, the Appellate order or the order of the Commissioner of Income tax, the Central Board of Direct-taxes].

I/ We agrees to ratify all acts done by the _____[Name of representative]____in pursuance of this authorization.  Their explanations and statements will be binding on me / us.

This authority shall remain in force till it is duly cancelled by me/us and intimated to the concerned authorities

Solemnly affirmed at XXXX(place) on this XXth day of December 20XX

Place:                                                                                      ________________
Date: XX/XX/XX                                                                       XXX XXXXX XXXXXX
                                                                                               Status: Individual/Partner


I, XXXXXXXX, Chartered Accountants, holding membership no _______________ of ICAI, do hereby declare that being a Chartered Accountant I am duly qualified under section 288 of Income Tax Act, accept the aforesaid authority to attend on behalf of the above named assessee.

Place: XXXXX

Income tax letter of Authority word format:


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