Rules for Women Workers in Maharashtra

Ensuring Women's Safety at Work: Understanding the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act

rules for woman employee

The Maharashtra Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2018 outlines the conditions for employing women workers in any establishment, regardless of the number of women workers employed:

1. No woman worker shall be discriminated in the matter of recruitment, training, transfers or promotion or wages.

2. No woman worker shall be required or allowed to work in any establishment except between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9-30 p.m without her consent and certain facilities and measures for her safety.

3. The employer must take measures to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace by strictly enforcing the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place Act, 2013.

4. In case of sexual harassment by a third party, the employer must provide necessary support and take preventive action.

5. The establishment and its surroundings must have proper lighting.

6. The employer must maintain a complaint box and display important phone numbers for assistance.

7. If the establishment employs at least ten women workers, a sufficient number of woman security guards must be hired with mandatory police verification.

8. Separate urinals and latrines with safety locking facility from inside must be provided for women workers.

Additional conditions for employing women workers in night shifts are:

1. Women workers can work in night shifts only after obtaining their consent in Form 'L'.

2. At least three women workers must be employed in the night shift.

3. Safe and secure transportation must be provided for women workers from the workplace to their residence and vice versa, with mandatory police verification of drivers, guards, and other workers.

4. Women workers working in night shifts are eligible for one additional paid holiday for every two months.

5. A gap of at least 12 consecutive hours must be given between the last shift and night shift when a women worker is changed from day shift to night shift and vice versa.

6. Women workers cannot work in night shifts during the period of 24 weeks before and after childbirth, with at least 12 weeks before the expected childbirth, unless a qualified medical practitioner provides a certificate stating that neither the worker's health nor that of her child will be endangered.

7. The employer must annually submit an undertaking to the Facilitator ensuring that all the above facilities are provided and due care is taken regarding the safety, dignity, and honor of women workers, especially those in night shifts.

Attached herewith draft consent letter Form L : Consent of women worker to work in night shift


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