Provident Fund Form 3A revised in excel format

Provident Fund Form 3A revised in excel format

PF Form 3A in excel

Form 3A EPF (Employees' Provident Fund) is a key document for employees in India, showcasing their provident fund and pension fund contributions. It is essentially an annual contribution card that provides a detailed summary of contributions made by both the employee and the employer throughout the year. This form is integral to the Provident Fund scheme and requires the following crucial details:

  1. Account Number: The unique number assigned to each employee under the PF scheme.
  2. Name of the Subscriber: The employee's full name.
  3. Name of the Father/Husband/Wife/Mother:
  4. Name and Address of the Organization: Identifies the employer's business and location.
  5. Statutory Rate of Contribution: Indicates the percentage rate at which contributions are made.
  6. Month-wise Contribution: Breaks down the contributions by month for a detailed overview.
Additionally, Form 3A requires the signature and seal of the employer, confirming the accuracy of the information provided and adding a level of authenticity.

For your ease reference form 3A revised is attached herewith in Excel Format1. You can download form 3A in excel from here: Form3AExcel 

Also download form 11 here: Form 11


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