Minimum wages in Maharashtra effective from January 2023

Maharashtra minimum wages January 2023

Maharashtra minimum wages January 2023

The Minimum Wages Act is applicable to any establishments / industries / factories / employment either registered under the shops & establishment Act or the Factories Act, irrespective to the strength of employment. That is even if anybody employs an one employee he has to pay Minimum Wage

The term Minimum Wage includes the Basic Wage plus Special allowance, as prescribed & published by Labour department, time to time for a given schedule of employment.

Brief summary of the Minimum Wages Act in Maharashtra for easy understanding:
  • Maharashtra minimum wages are set by the state government and can vary depending on the type of work and the skill level required.
  • The minimum wages in Maharashtra are reviewed and revised periodically by the state government.
  • The wages are determined by the labor department and relevant authorities.
  • Employers in Maharashtra are legally required to pay their employees at least the state-mandated minimum wage.
  • Failure to pay minimum wages can result in penalties and fines for employers.
  • Employees who are not being paid the minimum wage can file a complaint with the state labor department or other relevant authorities.
  • The minimum wages are different for different sectors like agriculture, construction, manufacturing, etc.
  • The minimum wages are usually fixed for a month and are generally inclusive of basic and dearness allowance.
The Government of Maharashtra has published revised VDA ( variable dearness allowance) component in minimum wages payable in the state of Maharashtra effective from 1st January 2023, which will be applicable up to 30th June 2023. 
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Here is the Maharashtra minimum wages from January 2023


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