Relaxation in levy of additional fees for filing of MCA e-forms

Relaxation in levy of additional fees

due date for filing MCA forms extended January 2023

Ministry of corporate affairs is in the process of introducing certain company e-forms (45forms) in MCA21 version 3.0 and therefore these form will not be available for filing w.e.f. 07.01.2023 to 22.01.2023.

Therefore keeping in view above fact, vide general circular 01/2023 dated 09/01/2023 MCA has given additional time of fifteen days (15 days)* for filing these 45 e-forms in case due date of such e forms fall between 07.01.2023 to 22.01.2023.

*Update as on 21/02/2023
MCA vide general circular no 04/2023 dated 21/02/2023 further provided additional time up to 31/03/2023 for filing these 45 forms in case such forms were due for filing between 07.01.2023 to 22.01.2023.

Attached herewith MCA General Circular No 01/2023 dated 09/01/2023


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